Pool Covers

Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Clean All the Time

Most people hear the words, “pool cover”, and the most common image that comes to mind is that of a wide plastic material that rolls over to cover the entire span of your pool. While that would have been fine decades ago, today’s breed of swimming pool covers come in various shapes, forms, and materials that bring its own unique style and functionality to each pool.

Pool covers helps retain heat in the pool, protect it against leaves, dirt, and debris, helps reduce the use of cleaning and maintenance chemicals, safely keep out unwanted visitors, protects your pool during the winter, and helps keep your loved ones safe from accidents.

Vollmer Custom Pools have worked on hundreds of swimming pools throughout the years and have a wide variety of experience and expertise when it comes to choosing and installing pool covers.

Whether it’s a mesh, solid, automatic, solar, safety, under track or top track system, our team of highly-trained pool professionals will help you pick and install the perfect pool cover for your needs.

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